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Our priority is the continuous improvement of our services, systems, and processes to empower our clients to continue serving the global trade.

The recognized expertise of Marmed Lines


Container Shipping Line

Perspicacity and mature existence lead us to analyze ongoing market conditions more delicately and skillfully. We scrutinize the varying demand of the market and confer the supply accordingly.


Containers Feeder Service

Marmed Lines is established to serve the liner industry. Our goal is to serve the Container Industry’s biggest names through an integrated network of services connecting major shipping hubs to their surrounding markets.

Shipping With Us

Why ?

More than 40 years of expertise in sea shipping cargo and seaport services.

When ?

Regular loading availability and a ready staff to assist you in all operations.

Where ?

A presence that continues to expand in most countries of the Middle East.

Market forecast

We anticipate conditions to make our decisions accurately. Through our dedication and commitment to shipping, we have been recognized as an expert in the industry. We encourage innovation through and we also explore other businesses and areas to further our understanding of the world around us.

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